I met a small group of 20s for coffee at whatever the new place was for that sort of thing in the midtown area last week. I don’t recall the name of the place because they all seem the same. But its important to the 20s, that is  until next week, when next week’s spot-du-jour replaces this week’s spot-du-jour and the cycle predictably continues.

I like the 20s and you should add them to your social portfolio regardless of your current age bracket. Why? Because their lives are not yet cluttered with the consequences of living longer. The most troubling issues for them seem to be relationship issues. But when you siphon off the drama and distill down hours of histrionics, it’s usually the same thing : Two people who are not compatible.

The other plus  to 20s is that typically they know the best music. In fact, most of my music collection, now 1200 items, was collected by me in my 20s or recommended by a 20s after I left the decade.

I found it interesting when one of the overly caffeinated 20s turned to me and asked, “So, what type of music do people in your age group listen to?” There we have it folks, the iron curtain of age delineation. No matter, I mentally scanned the music I had just listened to at work and pulled this one out.


Into the pockets, out come the phones. The 20s were awash in iPhone glow as they searched for Phosphorescent, clearly an unknown. A sample later and they were downloading, somewhat confused that they had been left out of the Phosphorescent loop.


I like Phosphorescent as listen-to-at-work music, it’s on the lighter end of that vague, shapeless form of music known as alternative. The lead singer is auditory ménage a trois of Bryan Ferry, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen; you feel that at any moment he might fall off the ledge into vocals characterized by a steady diet of Oreos, Jack Daniels and Marlboro Reds.

The lead is Athens, Ga based with Alabama roots. On occasion I hear the Alabama in Phosphorescent songs through Dirty South riffs, steel guitar and fiddle. It makes for an odd but welcomed dimension. What’s the most notable about this group are the lyrics; simultaneously self-stroking, self-loathing, introspective and critical.

The kind of lyrics that might cause Bob Dylan to raise a glass of whiskey and an approving eyebrow while uttering something completely indecipherable.

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