Double Trouble

IMG_1085Th-upMaybe its my Middle Eastern, East Coast or West Coast roots but I love coffee and anyone who can make it dark and rich.

Double Trouble can; their espresso is strong with crema and the frothed milk on the cap is firm,  creamy and comes with a half shot of espresso, in case its not strong enough. What makes Double Trouble unique is that they have bartenders as well as baristas, since it is also quite the destination bar at night. Local beers are the headliners, but their small space is not indicative of their selection.

I laughed when I first heard their bar/coffeehouse concept, thinking to myself there must be a high incidence of wide-awake drunk syndrome in a small radius around the venue. But actually, it makes sense, since it appeals to drinkers and non alike, both of which just want to be out and enjoying the part of their lives not related to work or school.IMG_1086

Anchored in the edgy part of Midtown south of Houston Community College is fits right in with the other non-conformist, tortured artist venues. Scruffy and minimalist, it is comfortable with its mismatched chairs and tables spanning many an design genre and it lacks any form of pretense. While the night crowd tends to be younger, dressed in black and sporting full body tattoos , the afternoon crowd is a more sedate mixed bag.

Service is very friendly and conversational, but only if they sense you are in the mood. If you want to be left alone, you will.

Coffee: 18 May 2013

Double Trouble | 3622 Main | Houston TX 77006

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