Iron Man 3

im3There is a certain suspension of disbelief that must occur before heading into a theatre to see any Marvel Comics film. With Iron Man 3 you will also need to accept plot holes large enough to suck in a few Range Rovers. But its already fantasy, so just go back to your popcorn and play along.

I’ve seen the other two installments on the big screen, so it was obligatory to complete the trilogy on the big screen. Trilogies typically end with the weakest film, who knows why, maybe the creative energy dissipates after two and the money machine takes over. IM3 is the weakest in the trilogy.

IM 3 is still a fun movie and overall I recommend it, if only for finishing this thread before the next Thor movie emerges. And you’ll want to finish the Thor thread before the next installment of The Avengers.  Sarcasm intended.

The first 30 minutes of the film was uneven and irritating as they tried too hard to setup the story line. Once established it ran under its usual action-FX fueled standard. Guy Pearce was decent but not entirely convincing as the villain, Ben Kingsley dons a wicked accent as the pivotal piece in the chess game that ensues and Gwyneth Paltrow goes super bad-ass in the end. That’s all nice but what makes IM 3 a success is what made the other two a success – Robert Downey Jr. While a decent enough actor and he can play other parts well, this role has been perfect for him, his history as real-life Hollywood Bad Boy transfers nicely to the hyperactive, sharp-tongued Tony Stark.

Laughs and some good FX, there are worse ways to spend 2 hours on Saturday afternoon!

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