Pairings : Chimay

Yes, boys and girls, its that time again. The grueling matter of “research”;  as long as new products emerge, our work will never, ever be done.

Today we have under the microscope a Belgian beer, Chimay. We are going to scrutinize the three flavors of Chimay: Yellow, Red and Blue label.


To pair we have

  • French Double Brie with Jalapeno Jelly on Spring Onion Cracker
  • London Broil with Sour Cream, Sriracha and Green Onion on Iraqi Flatbread
  • Chimay Cheese on Spring Onion Cracker


Experimental Data

Not really a beer person, so my descriptions may seem odd to a beerologist. All Chimay varieties were good with a distinct “wheat” flavor and a texture that seemed almost velvety. The Red was the lightest and most mellow in flavor, the Yellow had a more pungent, sweeter taste  and the Blue was the richest with almost caramel overtones and a creamy, lingering after effect.

Pairings varied in result but the Chimay Cheese on Spring Onion Cracker was a win in all categories

  • Chimay Red : Did not fare well with the French Double Brie with Jalapeno Jelly. The jelly snuck stealthy around behind the Red and pulled a HI Karate Chop to the neck, knocking the Red to the floor in a loud thump. It fared better with the London Broil combination but the Sriracha sauce still over powered the Red.
  • Chimay Yellow: Still did not fare well with the French Double Brie combination, however only verbal insults were exchanged, no physical violence was reported. It paired well with the London Broil combination, the Yellow’s sweetness counterbalancing the saltiness and slight heat from the Sriracha.
  • Chimay Blue: Romances achieved with both the Double Brie and London Broil combinations, the richness and sweetness of the Blue holding up well with the salty and hot aspects of the pairings.

In the end, I preferred the Blue  on its own and paired with rich items such as Double Cream Brie, salty items such as London Broil and hot items such as Sriracha Sauce. I noticed at Specs Downtown that all Chimay products come in larger sizes, so at my next gathering there will be big bottles of Blue for everyone!

Chimay (Red, Yellow, Blue) 11oz. | Specs Downtown | $6-7


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