Into Darkness 3D

startrekIn the first Star Trek movie I thought Chris Pine had William Shatner’s mannerisms down better Th-upthan Shatner himself. Into Darkness only solidifies that thought.

The film had a darker, tenser and more threatening tone than its predecessor, which was more along the lines of back story. Some will like this aspect, others won’t. There was still the requisite quick-paced Spock & Kirk banter,  Comic Relief Scottie and Mr. No Speech Filter, Bones – so the foundation is intact.

The deep space Bad Boy continues his gunslinger’s dismissal of the Federation’s rules, however this time he is called to the carpet and the Enterprise is given to someone else . That is until the new villain appears. The new villain will seem familiar to old school Trekkies – Khan. I felt a little gee-wizardry with the introduction of Khan, what sets him apart from other villains and how serious of a threat he could be – indicating a Khan sequel is likely. I think the writers were relying on previous knowledge of the character from the old-school days, but that’s small in the end.

Overall the the story was well-constructed, acted and of course, the production and direction were up to JJ Abrams usual sci-fi standards. The only disconnect I noticed was one scene between Spock and Kirk where they profess their friendship, it was a little over the top for me. It was well-acted and it was lovely that Spock gets in touch with his feelings and all but c’mon, its Star Trek, not Steel Magnolias. Save the group hug and feeling circle for some other film and get back to the chases, weapons, aliens, smart-allecky remarks and amazing visual effects. Thanks.

I saw it in 3-D since I was expecting a whole cast of otherworldly places and aliens and wanted to see the FX jump off the screen. Not so many otherworldly entries but the aerial pans of future London and future San Francisco were visually stunning, as were the vertigo-inducing shots from inside the Enterprise itself.

Overall, I recommend and I actually liked it better than the first. I’ll look forward to next installment and whatever mayhem Khan or the next villain will attempt.


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