San Diego

I have a friend who lives on a yacht in San Diego. Let the waves of sympathy crash down for him; poor guy, so oppressed. Their are advantages and disadvantages to living on water but me thinks the advantages outweigh. As one of his neighbors claims, if you’re pissed off at your neighbors you can just drive your house away to Coronado Island for the day. There are worse escapes!

DSCN2148 DSCN2207
DSCN2125 DSCN2157

I like San Diego, always have, but I had never considered it as a place to live until now. Most of my LLC business is with companies in San Diego. If that doesn’t pan out longer term, there is still the fact that San Diego still ranks high for tech careers. It ranked number 3, behind Seattle and San Francisco, in the US according to Forbes. No cities in Texas made that list, which isn’t really a surprise. Even if San Diego didn’t rank high for tech careers, it is beautiful and the people seem happy, not the obligatory happy of the south, which is more of a forced cultural obligation, rather they are  where they want to be and they are doing what they want to do.

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There is the little issue of cost. Money, schmoney! We all realize at this point that we’ll work until we’re dead; retirement is the new Chia pet – a quaint, vague notion from our parent’s generation and we really don’t see the point.

68 degrees and eternal sunshine is calling.

2 thoughts on “San Diego

  1. Debbie

    I love San Diego and, at one time, fantasized about living on a yacht for a couple of years. Lucky guy! What is free time??? I enjoyed reading your blog. Your comments are spot on.


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