Vodka Research – Cherry Basil

Another day,  another combination. I’d really like to do them all in one sitting but 5am would look worse than it already does.

Whoa! The Cherry-Basil combination is better than the Blueberry-Basil and I was not expecting that. The Cherry Vodka is extremely rich;  cherry hitting all parts of the mouth and tongue at once with a sweet-tart flavor. The basil from the Basil Syrup adds a citrus note to the mix, brightening the cherry flavor and  balancing the sweetness.

Overall this was a sweeter experience than Blueberry-Basil but I found adding basil strips tricked my brain into focusing more on the basil than the sweet. Next time I think I’ll tie up the basil strips somehow so its less like drinking a martini through lawn cuttings.

The same proportions as Blueberry-Basil seem to be the bestIMG_1282

Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass.


Money is no object. Relationships are easy. You will win big in Las Vegas.


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