IMG_1434New people at work means a celebratory lunch. Actually, any Tuesday, a wedding, séance or even a successfully clipped toenail means a celebratory lunch in our circle. Today we took our new people out to an old Italian standby in the Rice Village area and I’m happy to report, its still good.

D’Amico has been around forever. It feels like it could easily blend with its counterparts in Brooklyn; a small, cramped space packed with groceries, homemade raviolis and canolis, restaurant and large to-go contingency blocking every available entry and exit. The only thing missing is some Italian guy born in Brooklyn circa 1945 barking out undecipherable instructions to people who will give him explicit hand gestures in return. It is loud, it is chaotic. I love it.

IMG_1435 IMG_1436

Having only eaten here for diner I was curious about the lunch special; choose three items from the lunch menu, eat, pay your $8 and get out – that’s all. I went for Chicken Lasagne, Meatball (singular) and Caesar Salad. All three were good but not excellent. The Chicken Lasagne was very flavorful mostly picking up garlic, oregano, tomato, monz and roasted chicken, however it had dried out a bit, obviously it was made a little earlier in preparation for the lunch rush. Meatball, the one, was excellent; ground beef and probably ground pork in a smaller quantity standing tall in a shallow pool of sauce tasting little-ol-Italian-grandma-dressed-in-black homemade. Caesar was decent but not memorable.

Dinner here is better quality, however if you are on a tight lunch schedule and want to keep costs under $10, D’Amico is a spectacular time-cost play.

Very efficient and good balancing skills, considering the tight space and chaotic environment.

Lunch special – three items, $8. You can order off the regular menu for lunch and those items ranged widely in price: $8-30.

D’Amico | 5510 Morningside Dr | HTX 77005

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