NYC Honorable Mention

This trip to NYC was quite enjoyable thanks to my friends, Mr & Mrs Software, a couple I worked with and The Critical Thinker, a former neighbor and wise-beyond-years 20-something. They are truly enjoyable and being younger they are not opposed to simply wandering and discovering. Having a plan is one thing, it certainly can add direction to situations calling for cat-herding but wandering leads to discovering, which is good.

IMG_1481Case in point, as we wandered back from Central Park, making our way down to Nolita, we stumbled across this UES coffee house, Joe. I scream when I get within several blocks of a Starbucks, too commercialized, too luxuriously bland, so my coffee radar only focuses on small independents and family-owned venues like Joe.

We liked. Cramped and chaotic like many NYC venues however still inviting. My cortado was authentic enough and the barista can craft some wicked foam designs, consistently and quickly.

Outposts are scattered throughout the island.

Coffee: 29 Sept 2013

Joe | 1045 Lex | NYC 10021


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