Bombay Pizza

Houston has no shortage of pizza joints but luckily the city puts a never ending stream of spins on the savory pie. Case in point – Bombay Pizza. Its not new and I’ve been to the downtown location many times but it just occurred to me I have not seen the Indian spin on pizza elsewhere.

One of our new co-workers, the Mistress of Task, had a birthday, a fact we leveraged for a group outing. Had she not volunteered this information we would have leveraged something more innocuous for a group outing. So, thanks for that, MofT.

A dichotomy of atmospheres, weekday lunches are famously loud, chaotic and cramped as the downtown business crowd flocks here between 1130 and 130. Weeknights and weekends it is more sedate and conducive to conversation at casual levels. Unless there is a game or conference downtown, then it isn’t.

Sitting outside on their ‘patio’ facing Main St Square is preferable but you will need skills in deflecting the homeless and con artists who will invariably stop by to ask for something.

IMG_1553 IMG_1554

The crust is a thin, crispy version of naan. I would call the crust NYC style but its thinner and more flavorful. Toppings can be custom but I would recommend trying some of the named combinations featuring tandoori chicken/shrimp, saag paneer or cilantro-mint chutney. In any case, if you are a fan of thin, crispy pizza you can’t go wrong here.

Gateway of India: I noticed this trip they created some new pizzas and the Gateway caught my eye. Tandoori chicken, crab, artichoke, cheese and cilantro-mint chutney worked extremely well together considering they mixed the toppings in such a proportion that one did not overpower another. I’ll definitely be back for this one and of course, my favourite, the Saag Paneer pizza.

Most of my Indian friends order the naan rolls, typically two; one for now, one for later. I believe that speaks to the quality of the food.

Varies depending on when. Weekday lunchtime its well-meaning but spotty. All other times its excellent.

Reasonable. 8″ Gateway of India Pizza – $9

Lunch: 25 Oct 2013

Bombay Pizza | 914 Main | HTX 77002

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