pragPrag is a Danish film I’d meant to see for 7 years. Danish films I’ve seen have a dark, somber style and sometimes a sense of foreboding steals focus away from other aspects of the film.  I find Danish films require extra work on the part of the consumer in order to get something out of them, but there is always something to get out of them. Prag has dark aspects but the focus is more on realistic, however quirky, human behavior in the face of personal adversity.

The setup of a couple going to Prague to bury the husband’s recently deceased father insinuates the tragedy will be about the death of a parent. Not at all what’s happening. In clever pace and method, secrets about the couple are revealed, the pieces start to fit and the real tragedy unfolds ending with a protracted verbal bitch-slap, wicked perspective juxtaposition and maligned resolution on a city street in the middle Prague.

Mads Mikkelsen does an excellent job as the stoic husband turned victim turned vengeful redeemer turned accepting friend. Directing is of the tight, turn-on-a-dime variety. The writing and plot are extremely compelling if you can wade through the dark style of Danish film making. Get a flashlight and make an effort to wade through, you’ll relate to it on a visceral level.


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