BRC Gastropub

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One of our favourite co-workers, 9Bullets, was leaving for bigger and better. This is, of course, a serious reason for a group outing. Since 9Bullets had been pimping BRC Gastropub for freaking ever, we knew no other place would be appropriate for the official goodbye and good luck.

Everyone questions the initials BRC. Its easy since a big red rooster is branded on everything at BRC. However, a rooster is male so it doesn’t stand for big red chicken, it stands for big red cock. There, its been said.

If you think that’s wrong, wait until you get a look at the menu. I double dare you to find something without bacon. It is a diet-violent establishment, so accept it and order away!

Farmhouse, casual, well-worn.

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Southern and Americana with a focus on bacon, it literally appears in half of the menu items. I had been prompted by several text pictures in weeks prior to try several appetizers.

Cheddar Biscuits. Weighing in with scone-like consistency, the cheddar is prominent but not overpowering and it is mixed thoroughly. Served with smoked-salt butter and bacon jam, the biscuits themselves are a meal. I highly recommend them but make sure a plus one is there to help you with the order. Bacon ‘jam’ is a extraordinary; bacon cooked slowly in simple syrup. FYI, it is available for purchase by the pint and I’m thinking it would be excellent with pancakes.

Deviled Eggs. The eggs themselves are delicious with hints of honey mustard and green onion. But that just isn’t  enough for BRC, they top them off with crispy bacon and fried oysters. You know, it really is worth the extra 10 miles you will need to run later to fit into your jeans.

Fried Chicken Sliders, Brussels Sprouts: Oh no, the appetizers aren’t nearly enough. The fried chicken alone had great spice but it was a bit dry. Paired with the sizable but airy bun, arugula, avocado (add-on) and dressing, it was good but I will probably try something else next time. I pulled a side substitution for the caramelized Brussels sprouts since I saw them come out with an order at the next table. Caramelized to crunchy perfection they come in a bath of creamy bacon vinaigrette. They sweet-savory flavor combination is excellent.

Excellent. Our server was extremely personable and he gauged the mood and pace of the table perfectly. Our table of nine was ordered and served in less than 20 minutes with no mistakes.

Individual items are reasonable but the bottom line can be high for lunch if you add extras and appetizers. My sliders and splitting the cost of the Cheddar Biscuits and Deviled Eggs with my partner in crime was $28.

While we’re sad we wont see 9Bullets on a daily basis, I have a feeling we will find time to make it to what will obviously become our new Rice Military meeting place – BRC.

Lunch: 30 Oct 2013

BRC Gastropub | 519 Sheperd | HTX 77007

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