OK, OK, I will get to the Spicy Tamarind Caipirihna recipe tonight, I had a nasty case of  workus interruptus but I’m in recovery now. Part of my therapy was finally getting out and seeing the film Gravity.

Sandra Bullock started gaining credibility with me with her ‘self-centered, neurotic woman who overcomes’ performance in Crash. Then in again in The Blind Side. It seems pushing 50 has been an asset to her career since she is, for all intents and purposes, a one-woman show in Gravity and she’s likely headed to yet another Oscar nom. Good on her.

I won’t give any plot details since how the situations unfold is part of what makes Gravity a compelling story. Visuals demand 3-D and are extraordinary. It is tense, unbearably so in spots but ends, abruptly so after 90 minutes, with resolution.

So far, this my favourite film of 2013.


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