Maybe In America

phillipsMoral relativism arm wrestles cat-n-mouse psychology for the spotlight in this brilliantly executed story of a US cargo ship  hijacked by Somali pirates.

Tension builds slowly then spirals out of control. Framing is close, almost claustrophobic; a sense of being there in the action rather than arm chair observer. Directing makes heavy use of zero-dialogue paired with close-up facial expressions to communicate emotions; its highly effective. Acting is quite good, Tom Hanks as the US cargo ship captain, giving one of his best performances to date. Newcomer Barkhad Abdi as the Somali pirate giving a noteworthy performance, which may be, in part, derived from his youth in Somalia.

Most memorable line – Abdi patiently and calmly explaining to Hanks that his rationale of what constitutes good and bad behavior does not apply in Somalia  – “Maybe in America”


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