Dublin : The Liffey

When visiting a new city I always try to find a navigation anchor; some part of town, a street or landmark easily found from which I can launch to other areas. In Dublin I found  the Liffey River, which cuts east-west through the centre of town, was the best anchor for me.

Walking the Liffey is scenic and lively, it also affords direct access to many of Dublin’s architectural and cultural highlights. From the Liffey you can also see the real estate-squatting influence of Google.

DublinLiffey10 DublinLiffey12
DublinStPaulsChurch2 DublinLiffey3

Clockwise from upper left;

  • East-bound Liffey, Ha’Penny Bridge
  • Tower commemorating Dublin’s 1913 Lockout, interesting history
  • West-bound Liffey; follow this for Guinness and Jameson!
  • East-bound Liffey; St. Paul’s Church and Four Courts area

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