Dublin : Trinity College

Its size and location in the center of the city make Trinity College a must-see stop whilst touring Dublin. Invariably, you will pass by it on the way to anything else and the landscaping, sculpture, architecture and exhibits here are noteworthy.

DublinCollege21 DublinCollege13
DublinCollege8 DublinCollege6

I made two stops at Trinity. One to pop off some photos and get a general feel. The other to see the Book Of Kells exhibit. The Kells exhibit is good; giving a comprehensive history of  the Celtic Monk-created artifact containing the Four Gospels of the New Testament. I don’t have much interest in organized religion but its a technically interesting and well-preserved bit of local history – I recommend.

DublinCollege17 DublinCollege11
DublinCollege3 DublinCollege15


Leaving the exhibit was a departure into anachronistic-chic; it was dark (at 430p)  and the neon lighting, Irish trip-hop music and skinny-jean-high-top-sneaker clad students permeating the campus were strangely complementary to its 16th century roots.

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