Blood Orange

hynesA friend in London has been pimping the group Blood Orange for several years, going on about the artist’s ‘fresh sound’. That’s nice but the Londoner and I rarely have intersecting musical tastes.  However, last week I was browsing Pitchfork reviews and who would appear but, you guessed it, Blood Orange. If you know Pitchfork, then you know those are some picky bastards and handing out the ‘best new music’ designation is something of a milestone.  Blood Orange had that designation for their latest offering Cupid Deluxe.

Sampling on iTunes. Downloading on Amazon. Repeat playing which might be labeled as compulsive in some circles.

I like. Blood Orange is basically London-born turned NYC resident, Devonte Hynes. What Hynes has created with Cupid Deluxe is an ambitious but carefully executed form of self-therapy; it speaks loudly to overcoming harsh experiences of youth. The collection defies a specific musical genre; I picked up  80’s synth-pop, late 70’s funk, jazz, rap, math rock, disco and electronica. If I had to give an abbreviated description –  Prince and Sheila E, the early years.

A welcomed addition to the collection but I’m not telling the Londoner he was right.


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