Despicable 2

dm2This one was tapped by the Academy for Best Animated Feature. I’m not sure it matters I didn’t see Despicable Me 1, since I liked the sequel and any back story didn’t surface, to my knowledge.

Like most mainstream animation of late, Despicable Me 2 is geared for both kids and parents. The plot and humor are simple and linear, for kids. The references back to the 70’s and innuendo are for parents; I definitely picked up on the Village People and the Love Boat references.

The visuals are vibrant and engaging. Hovercraft, 360 pans with striking object detail were brilliant. The shadowing was not in proportion, likely with intent to give more of a cartoon feel for kids. The animation techniques used in this film are certainly not novel but they produce a very textured, entertaining experience.

The action is face-paced. The story line, as well as some of the soundtrack, are done up MI-007 style. However, unlike MI-007, the villain in this film is not compelling, maybe not to scare the younger set, but to me this was the weak link. The weak link is more than compensated for by the main characters of the film, The Minions. You have to love these guys; kooky behavior, erratic movements, made-up language and those crazy glasses.

Saccharin sweet moral in the end – family is all you need. I suppose its best to deliver this message to the general kid population. If their family is rife with emotional damage and destructive tendencies, they can work that out later in group therapy.


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