NV Gruet Rose

IMG_1758I first discovered Gruet Winery years ago on a drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. I U-turned and submitted to a sampling, which I totally enjoyed. Years later the wines from the New Mexico based winery were available in Texas. Since their arrival into the Texas market, I’ve been trying their wines as they expanded and all have been good to excellent, particularly the champagnes.

I couldn’t get a straight answer from the Gruet employees about how a family with deep roots in France managed to 1) find their way to the unassuming city of Albuquerque  2) how they were able to grow grapes in the high desert 200 miles south. Mystery aside, the proof is in the glass. I was curious to try the Rose Champagne since I had not seen it offered before.

Beautiful salmon color in the glass. A nose full of strawberry lemonade, vanilla and a grass meets basil herbal mix. Initial flavours are Strawberry Now & Later, young raspberry with a shy shale mineral quality.  A low acidity helped to underscore a creamy texture. Slight lemon peel on the way down. For $14 a bottle, this proved an excellent, casual start to the rest of my evening.

NV Gruet Rose Champagne | Specs Downtown HTX | $14

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