Peking Cuisine

IMG_1764No birthdays, no new hires, no one quit. We finally found our Raison d’être for a group lunch – Chinese New Year. Of course we were a week late but that’s how schedules go sometimes.

Our resident expert in Peking Duck made arrangements for us at Peking Cuisine to sample the sample the elusive dish. Apparently, the draw for this venue’s version of Peking Duck is the cooking method. Its a slow roast which eliminates most of the fat between the skin and meat.

There isn’t much. Its a highly utilitarian venue buried in a sad strip center off the 59 south of town near Beechnut. It clean, it has two big rooms with doors to separate from the rest of the space, which can be quite loud during the lunch rush.

Excellent. The primary reason to come here is for the Peking Duck. When presented there is a mound of duck meat hiding under a tumble of crispy duck skin. Its served with the requisite pancakes, shaved green onions and a sauce resembling hoisin in consistency but with flavours less sweet and more soy.

IMG_1765 IMG_1768

One of the ‘other dishes’ we ordered was a Spicy Whole Fish, which was also excellent and for me, was just as delicious as the Peking Duck. Good luck trying to uncover the kind of fish used in this dish, I couldn’t. In any case, its a firm white fish with excellent flavor sans ‘spicy sauce’ but even better with. I was warned this was extra hot but the reality is that its amusingly warm, like IMG_1766Tabasco. Savory soy, garlic  and hot pepper flavours permeate the fish and tofu. With a small dollop of steamed rice this was a welcomed addition to our lunch and paired well with near freezing temperatures outside.

Its difficult to judge service, in general, when you are in a 14-person group. However, the service was good, aside from not being able to answer the question about what fish was used in the Spicy Whole Fish. While the Peking Duck was ordered in advance (and must be due to cooking time), the dishes came out in quick succession after 15 minutes. There were some incidents of having to ask for water, utensils, etc. more than once, but I attribute that to being sequestered in separate room.

Very reasonable. 2 Peking Ducks, 7 ‘other dishes’ and one Duck Soup – $16/person

I like Peking Cuisine and for those looking for a more authentic Chinese culinary experience in Houston, you should definitely give it a go.

Lunch: 8 Feb 2014

Peking Cuisine | 8332 I-59 S | HTX 77074

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