I’ve been making yogurt for 5 years. It started as a cost-savings effort since I eat 1-2 C a day. Now I like my version better than store-bought. The mechanics of making yogurt are simple. You don’t really need a yogurt maker but it can increase consistency of the flavour/texture from batch to batch. A yogurt maker from Donvier caught my eye for its single serving containers. Very portable yogurt is good yogurt.

IMG_1788 IMG_1787

The tricky part for me was selecting the right culture. I wanted a thick, plain yogurt – some call it Greek – with a mild flavour.  I started with a few store-bought plain yogurts as culture sources, however the consistency  of the final product was always too thin. Then I bought some cultures from Whole Foods; they worked better for consistency but the taste was off. Finally I found a freeze-dried culture from Euro Cuisine – viola, a thick, great tasting yogurt.


  • 42 ounces Milk
  • 1 packet Euro Cuisine Culture


Bring the milk to 190 F then remove from heat. Cool to 110 F, stir in the culture, then divide mixture into containers. Place in yogurt maker for 10 hours. Remove to fridge for 1 hour to cool. Done!

IMG_1789 IMG_1790


  • Get a good thermometer
  • Don’t heat the milk over 200 F, this changes the flavour of the yogurt – not in a good way
  • Definitely heat the milk to at least 180 F. If you don’t, the milk proteins will not denature and you will be making slightly thicker milk instead of yogurt.
  • Don’t add the culture until the temperature of the milk is below 120 F but above 105F.  For some reason the culture will not take.
  • Nonfat and 1% don’t work well, 2% and whole milk do.
  • Don’t eat all the yogurt. Save a few tablespoons and use that as the ‘culture’ for the next batch.

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