San Francisco : Closing Credits

I was going to write more separate posts about SF trip , but it will be a busy week with even more things to post. Here are some photos of other things we enjoyed from our trip.

From Upper Left Clockwise: Exploratorium, Sunset @ Ocean Beach, PIE, Niece.

Explor35 Ocean6
GG25 Pie2

Exploratorium is a hands-on science based museum. You might think this venue is just for kids. So very, very wrong. Yes, it might be geared toward tween and younger but I saw teens, adults, grandparents all equally interacting and enjoying. Niece and I spent 4 hours here and that was just a survey trip.

Sunset at Ocean Beach. It didn’t appeal to me on paper as much as niece but once I got there I think I enjoyed running up and down sand dunes more than she did. It was also nice to prove, yet again, that the Pacific Ocean is unbearably cold in these latitudes.

PIE! We walked past Green Chile Kitchen with their big-ass PIE sign dozens of times in our week staying in the Castro. One day we stopped and split a slice of  their Apple & Hatch Chile Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust and Ancho-Honey drizzle. I don’t usually eat pie but I managed to distract niece a few times to take bigger bites. Odd combo when you hear it but it is truly delicious.

Niece. People who know me know I don’t post photos of myself or anyone I know. If I wanted to do that I would not have deleted my FB account years ago. Usually, but this is an exception. Niece is still in high school but she has decided to become a forensic neuro-psychologist.  Specifically, she wants to study the psychology and neuroscience related to serial killers. This doesn’t seem to be a passing fad, like when she was 11 and wanted to be the president. Shes already looking at undergrad programs to help her get into the right graduate program so she can go to work at the FBI. Hence the tour of UC Berkeley. Yeah, Cal might be a good stepping stone.

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