FrozenCuriosity about this year’s Oscar-winning animation film outweighed my dislike of Disney productions and in the end I was glad I saw it but with some caveats.

Target market: Romantics struggling to hold on to that whole happily ever after thing. Oh and tweens, no surprise there.

The storyline is predictable, of course. It also wanders and seems awkward – older sister protects the younger from discovering the family curse, then the younger saves the older from self-induced exile resulting from the family curse. In the interim, the younger has two romantic relationships, one surprisingly ending while overlapping with another. It seemed to me that the older sister needed the romantic relationship to jettison her out of her exile funk. But, I’ve never been a teenage girl living in Scandinavia with cursed hands having spontaneous freezing powers, so what do I know?

Beyond the sappy, flawed storyline, the technical aspects were striking. Particularly appealing were the shading and reflection used in the ice-laden setting and the transformation of the older sister from stoic, frump girl to screw-you ice princess.

Comic relief from the overly optimistic snowman who fantasizes about living in the warm tropics and a snarky reindeer really made the film more palatable for me.

Vocals were not nearly as formulaic as expected, particularly from Idina Menzel who anchors the song also winning an Oscar.

Overall not a bad film but not great.  I really don’t understand why it won over The Wind Rises; the logic of the Academy is baffling at best.



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