In The Loop


No.10 makes an innocuous statement about the ‘unforeseeable’ need for military intervention in the Middle East  which is drastically misinterpreted. The White House plays on the misinterpretation to their own agenda. What follows is a escalating game of statecraft without any basis in logic. A very heavy satire on politics and prism-bent communication for self-serving egomaniacs.

The dialogue in In The Loop is extremely well-written, razor-sharp and spot on with continuous references to late-model government faux-pas and cultural anomalies. By far the most cleverly constructed stream of foul language, it reaches a break-neck pace in the first scene and never subsides until the closing credits. I’ll have to see this one again if only to catch up on the one-liners I missed because I couldn’t hear them over my own laughter,

loop1 loop2

Comedies, particularly ones like this delivered dead-pan with a furious pace, are only as good as their timing. While every single cast member delivers a truly memorable performance, Peter Capaldi, who you might better know as Doctor Who, deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the expert timing making this film successful. His ability to project anger while maintaining his characteristically cool Scot demeanor, then launch suddenly into playground vitriol, shouldn’t be missed.

Also noteworthy, the late James Gandolfini, taking a little inspiration from his Tony Soprano role, adds dimension by playing a US Army general who is a pacifist with  severe anger-management issues.

While we, the thinking general public, can’t do much to curtail the oblique nature of politics, we can at least learn to put it into perspective. In The Loop provides us a good vehicle for arriving at the that perspective while laughing our asses off.



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