Soto Houston Penetrable

Its interesting that I had already booked a night at the Museum of Fine Arts to see the classic noir thriller, Elevator To The Gallows, when Aunt in Austin texted me a picture of this exhibit also on view at the Museum of Fine Arts.

It was a 2-fer.

The exhibit was Jesús Rafael Soto’s final work from the Penetrables series. 24,000 small plastic tubes, painted to represent a huge yellow orb floating in a cloud of white, all suspended from the 2-story ceiling of MFA-H’s entrance.

IMG_2127 IMG_2131

It’s a tactile experience so any two people are bound to have very different experiences. Entering the exhibit feels strange in the beginning, like pushing back small, weightless versions of bamboo, they click together when falling back in place, reminded me of someone stirring ice cubes in a glass of lemonade. Continuing, I felt like I do when flying into a cloud bank at 30,000 feet; its somewhat disarming to see vague shapes occasionally peeking through a medium which pleasantly obfuscates details. Sounds of the museum filtered through and since my vision was muted to their origins I focused more on those sounds. Looking up to the top of the exhibit from within reminded my somewhat of looking up to the sky during a rainstorm; a distinct sense of downward motion.

IMG_2125 IMG_2133

If you have a chance to pop by before the exhibit leaves in September, do, I highly recommend, particularly if you have children.





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