The name is lame and redundant but that shouldn’t put you off to trying what is arguably one of the better lunchtime Indian buffets in Houston. I’m not a fan of buffets; typically the offerings do not taste fresh and then there is the value-packing psychology, causing people to overeat in order to reduce their price-per-square-inch metrics.

However, at India’s the $15 lunch buffet is a good value even if you stop at one plate since they offer 6-8 main dishes, several sides, salads, chutneys and desserts – variety and sampling reign supreme.

India’s is in time-warp, throwing back to the 80’s which is probably when they first opened. Buried way back in a strip center off Richmond west of the Galleria, it a pleasant, functional one-big-open-room environment. Largely the crowd is casual but you will see the wayward Galleria business crowd carbing up for marathon meetings.

IMG_2183 IMG_2187

This is where India’s wins. Each time I go the lunch buffet offerings change. There are some staples like my personal favourite, Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala but this time they had added a Lamb Curry dish that was out of this world good; very large chunks of lamb in a mild curry with potato, carrot and green beans. I’m never going to ask the chefs just how much ghee they use in any of the dishes but considering the flavour bang, I’m going to assume its high. The only disappointing item on the buffet this trip was the vegetable curry; it was just lifeless, like they had mixed some frozen veggies in with a canned curry sauce – I’m hoping this was an anomaly since it has not happened before.

IMG_2185 IMG_2184

Can’t speak to ordering off the menu or dinner service but the lunchtime buffet is very well organized. Seating is immediate, water is continually refilled, questions are answered with a smile, checks will appear without prompting. There is never any pressure to hurry here but you can be in and out in 45 minutes if time is scarce.

Lunch: June 2014

India’s | 5704 Richmond | HTX 77057

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