I Am Groot

gogI was reluctant to see yet another Marvel film however the people influencing my film selections were unusually positive about Guardians of the Galaxy, so off I went to strap on a pair of 3-D glasses and enjoy.

Its action and comedy with a simple story line and relatable characters; Star Wars for the current generation. Three main conflicts – mother-son guilt, father-daughter hatred and recovery of an orb that could destroy the universe – are executed with excellent production style and direction. The conflicts are only partially resolved, of course, since as expected, this is the first in a trilogy.

The main protagonist, Chris Pratt, is hilarious; goofball antics and some good retro dance moves while he and his cast of misfits try to recover the universe-destroying orb. Pratt finds some obstacles in a pair of bounty hunters, a spurned daughter and a vengeful redeemer. The bounty hunting team of a raccoon and tree, done in incredible CGI, only add to the comedy. An unrecognizable Bradley Cooper voicing-over for the raccoon and suitably cast Vin Diesel voicing-over the tree who has only one line which is repeated over and over –  ‘I Am Groot’. Zoe Saldana as the green-skinned daughter who is hell-bent on destroying her father, the main antagonist, is good but me thinks her character’s development is the gist of the next Guardians installment. Dave Bautista probably has the lion’s share of the comedy spotlight as the blunt muscle who interprets everything literally while seeking vengeance for his family’s murder.

Soundtrack is exclusively 60’s-80’s. Oddly, the feel-good songs are superimposed on dramatic moments as counterbalance and segueway to resolution to keep the film from becoming tangled up in emotional fallout.

Whether you’re looking for action, comedy, CGI or just some tunes you probably forgot you liked, Guardians is a good watch.



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