Sin City 2 | 3D

sincity2Its been almost 10 years since the first installment of Sin City, a film firmly positioned in my top 10. I like the noir and neo-noir genres for their gritty tone; I fully realize they can be over-the-top at times but as they say, everything in moderation, particularly excess.

Sin City 2 is a continuation of the first installment, so it might be a good idea to re-watch the first if its been a while. Definitely, this is one of the best cast films. That said you will notice some casting changes for some of the main characters. . Josh Brolin taking over for Clive Owen as Dwight, the main protagonist. Frankly, I like Brolin much better, he brings a rougher and less meticulous approach to the character. The other notable swap is Jamie Chung taking over as Deadly Little Miho, the silent, Japanese, sword-wielding assassin who mows down her targets without so much as breaking a sweat. The change is a zero sum since Miho only stares blankly into the camera as she decapitates scores of victims.

Mickey Rourke bluntly clobbering his way to satisfaction – yep. Jessica Alba pole dancing with her usual cowgirl-gone-bad costuming – yep. Boothe Powers still as menacing and controlling as ever – yep. Rosario Dawson looking ultra dominatrix and still as viper-tongued as ever – oh yeah. However there is a new addition – Eva Green – resurrecting from her death in Casino Royale  – to become Ava, The Dame To Kill For. Green completely owns this film – as the dark, sexy temptress manipulating the power brokers of Sin City to her ends with a labyrinth of plans executing with violent, exploding domino effect.

How does this installment compare to the prior? Its distinctly more violent and more erotic. The animation technique yields much richer visuals, which is only accentuated by 3-D and  I would strongly suggest seeing it 3-D. However, I didn’t feel the character development was as strong, nor the plot as compelling. This might be an artifact of adding more characters and plot lines while quietly resolving some unfinished business from the previous film. But a little dilution of plot and character development doesn’t detract from its net effect – very entertaining!

If youre a fan of Sin City or neo-noir animation, its a must see.



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