16th Ave Mosiac Steps

I’m still impressed with the many things I didn’t see and do while living in San Francisco. I never once visited the Inner Sunset District; no reason I suppose except that I didn’t know anyone who lived there.

The community in this area decided to take several sets of otherwise dull concrete steps and turn them into something artistic. Its a beautiful addition, somewhat distracting the viewer from the unmentionable number of stairs to climb to get to the top. What’s at the top? The little-known Grandview Park. There isn’t much there – a few benches, a few big trees, a well-worn dirt path. Oh, and what is arguably the best 360 degree view of the city.

I highly recommend the short jaunt on the N-Judah train to 16th Ave to see and navigate the steps to the top of Grandview Park. Yes, I will post some Grandview scenes next.

IMG_2445 IMG_2430
IMG_2469 IMG_2453
IMG_2438 IMG_2437

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