Red Oaks

redoaksEven more Amazon pilots!

Red Oaks is an obvious 80’s version of The 70’s Show. A light-hearted teen comedy in the setting of a country club where some kids work and others join their parents for events, begrudgingly. Despite the setting, the tone of the pilot is anything but pretentious. Its the typical gambit of issues facing the teen crowd, mostly addressed with humour.

I laughed a few times, particular at one teen waxing philosophic and romantic over the tenets of Buddhism to a love interest which subsequently inspires her and all the other teens to strip and jump into a water trap on the golf course.

The overwhelming reason to give this a watch is for it’s faithful recreation of the 80’s  – the big teased hair, side pony tails, too much eye shadow, high-waisted jeans, classic goth, old school video games, MTV videos. I probably laughed more at the 80s kitsch than the dialogue. And then there’s the music. I had to Shazam some of the songs since I had long since forgotten them, they really went obscure on some tracks.

I might tune in again to see another episode if its picked up as a series. This kind of show is a good 25-minute decompression after dealing with terminally cranky co-workers for 8 hours.


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