Peru Gourmet

I noticed the Peru Gourmet food truck en route to a sushi outing, its purple and red exterior making itself known from behind its concrete and asphalt digs behind a gas station just south of Rice Village. I would have switched our destination on the spot but others had their hearts set on sushi.

Atmosphere at a food truck parked along side a gas station? Actually, yes. Not so much environs but the patrons. They were almost exclusively Spanish speakers; the only person speaking English was me, however I did switch to Spanish to chat with the Argentinian, Columbian, Peruvian and Mexican standing in line for orders.

IMG_2485_Fotor IMG_2487

Chicharron Sammie : I’ve seen Chicharron at other South American venues. My Filipino neighbour talks about the Filipino version. I decided to go that route and was happy. Highly seasoned pork, roasted, sliced and piled atop sweet potato sliced and marinated red onion. A little sweet, a little spicy and a little vinegary. This sandwich could give the Vietnamese pork Bahn Mi serious competition.

Papas a la Huancaína : Since I tried these elsewhere and made my own version, curiosity about their version prompted me to give it a try. It was the traditional version, which was good but I still prefer my version with roasted potatoes over the boiled potatoes.

Chica :  A drink made from purple corn? Sure, I’ll try it! The flavour was good, mostly I picked up a tropical fruit flavour like pineapple combined with cinnamon.Good but it was waay too sweet for me. Even when I cut it with half sparkling water, it was still waay too sweet for me.

IMG_2489 IMG_2488_Fotor

The guys who run the truck are extremely personable and chatty in both Spanish and English, which is good since you’re going to wait. From order to delivery was 30 minutes, which was a little too long, so next time I’ll probably phone ahead. Also you should note that some of the items are prepared in advance and once they are gone, they do not make more. Most notable is the Aji Pollo. If you want this, its better to phone ahead. Alas, planning to go to a food truck seems counter intuitive for what is usually a spontaneous destination.

Like most food trucks the items were reasonably priced. Chicharron, papas, chicha – $14

Lunch: October 2014

Peru Gourmet | NE corner of Holcombe & Kirby | HTX 77030

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