Street Art | 2800 Main HTX

This used to be a Mental Health Building over a decade ago before a tropical storm flooded it and it fell into disrepair. Its been up for sale a number of times but still, here in 2014, it remains vacant. The street art on this building is not the stealthy variety that pops up in other neighbourhoods in Houston. It would be nearly impossible to be stealthy in an area with bar life that goes well on until 4am and work life that starts at 6am.  The building owners actually sanctioned the work. At least now its a little more appealing and the constant stream of street art tourists keep what used to be constant drug deals and prostitution in and around the building down to almost zero.

Almost, so please exercise some street smarts if you’re going to spend time here.

IMG_2536 IMG_2542
IMG_2543 IMG_2547
IMG_2550 IMG_2546
IMG_2555 IMG_2552
IMG_2553 IMG_2554
IMG_2558 IMG_2559

2 thoughts on “Street Art | 2800 Main HTX

  1. jean/Auntee

    Street Art makes all the difference. The “peeps” in the hood respect it. My friend Jane, had the side of her Studio in SA painted/tagged. It is an excellent addition. I”ll send you a picture.


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