Santa Barbara

A $135 round-trip ticket to LAX prompted a last minute trip to the left coast. I wasn’t interested in seeing more of Los Angeles so I randomly chose Santa Barbara as a destination. Glad about that for several reasons.

First, the drive from LAX to Santa Barbara allowed me to complete driving the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway); the stretch running through Malibu. Its a beautiful drive and I highly recommend. It might take a little more time than traversing the 405 but what would you rather look at while stuck in traffic – the cars in front of you or the Pacific Ocean? Tough call.

IMG_2605 IMG_2608

Secondly, Santa Barbara is a beautiful and relaxing city. Ocean to the left, hills to the right, Mission and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture everywhere and  demographics that seem bimodal – college kids and the affluent 65+ crowd. Like many coastal California cities, the ocean takes center stage and everyone walks, skates, bikes and jogs. People are happy and chatty in the land of eternal sunshine.

Highlights coming.

IMG_2624 IMG_2613


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