Charleston | Hampton Park

The Citadel cadet seated next to me on the flight to Charleston was excited that I had already tagged The Citadel as a sight to see on my one-day visit. She also pointed out, since I would be in the area anyway, that I should take a walk through Hampton Park just to the east of campus. She also recommended Park Cafe, a little further east, as a destination for lunch after exiting the park.

Hampton is a small but beautifully manicured park which I imagine is the setting for many a picnic or outdoor weddings. While no one seemed to be willing to brave the December temperatures for the sake of having a picnic by one of the many fountains, there was a steady stream of joggers , bikers and walkers.  The draw here for me was an abundance of huge moss covered trees with branches that seemed to defy gravity and any sane growth pattern. Some of the trees had such huge, twisted and  low hanging branches that in spots they were held up by metal support beams cemented into the ground.

HamptonPark-4-LRES HamptonPark-3-LRES
HamptonPark-7-LRES HamptonPark-8-LRES

The other item of note is the Peace Wall at the eastern most edge of the park, a structure composed of tiles all in the theme of stopping violence. I liked the message. It looked like some of the tiles were made by children; good to start that message early so it permeates future generations. Or so we can hope.

HamptonPark-1-LRES HamptonPark-2-LRES


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