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Savannah, Georgia may not seem like a tourist destination; its small, its southern, its not a high visibility destination in tourist rags. However, since I’ve been traveling there to see family for several decades, I can tell you there is quite a bit to see if you like history, architecture and art. There is also a quirky version of ‘down-home’ cooking, locally referred to as ‘low-country’.

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This trip I made a point of stopping at the Pin Point Museum after many years of driving right past it with the ‘next time’ thought. Glad about that. Pin Point is a small, active fishing community on your way out of Savannah, over the inter-coastal waterway to Skidaway Island.  Its one of several Gullah communities left in the southeast. The Gullah are a community of African Americans descendent from slaves mostly from Sierra Leone. If you’re looking to relate that to something more current and visible, Judge Clarence Thomas is from the Pin Point community. By the way, Thomas’ Pin Point nickname is ‘Boy’. Apparently if you call him by his nickname he will know you’ve been to Pin Point. I’m not going to do that but let me know how that goes should you give it try.

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The museum is operated by the Gullah still  living in Pin Point. Its located in the original buildings they used to process their fishing hauls. They know everything there is to know about the community and they are extremely enthusiastic and animated in conversation, so the highlight here is to interact with them and ask questions. Besides the interaction, the tour (including a short video) is interesting since its gives you insight into the customs and language (Geeche) of the Gullah people. I found their spiritual beliefs fascinating, much of which seemed to me, derived from animists.

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You’ll need about an hour for the lot and definitely GPS your way there; the turnoff is not very well-marked and comes out of nowhere. Its a long drive to the next turnabout should you miss it, not that I know personally. Nope.

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