Big Hero 6

big6Usually I loathe Disney films but this one is good.

In a future San Francisco, a teen robotics prodigy is in awe of his older brother’s work at the robotics research farm. Younger brother secures an internship after demonstrating his micro-bot tech. Shortly thereafter, older brother meets with an untimely demise, which wasn’t an accident. Younger brother, with the help of other teen robotics prodigies and a hilarious ‘personal care robot’ named Baymax, set course to avenge the wrong. Naturally they create some tech, giving each a different super-power.

Marvel comics action meets Disney’s signature aw-shucks emotional feel and a new trilogy is born.

I liked this animation piece mostly for its interesting visuals of San Francisco, which had distinct Japanese architectural detail – San Francisco meets Tokyo. There’s some expected light humour from the robot Baymax, as it runs through a clinical care program spouting out helpful dialogue completely out of context. It won the Oscar for Best Animation Feature and its worth a view, but I’m not sure I agree with the Academy’s choice. Go figure.


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