OKC | National Memorial

April 19th marks the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing which leveled the Murrah building, killed almost 200 people and caused security-related shock waves through the United States and further afield.

I had heard how Oklahoma City responded to the tragedy. They did not rebuild, they did not cower, they did not take up pitchforks and torches looking for someone to lynch. True to the Oklahoma spirit, what they did was create a green space and memorial to those victims and survivors involved.  I was glad I stopped here whilst visiting a friend, since its a beautiful space; green with a long rectangular reflecting pool anchoring the entire length of what used to be the building. Twin metal walls bookend the reflecting pool, one engraved with 9:01, the other with 9:03; the explosion occurred at 9:02. Gold-coloured chairs atop translucent boxes, which light up at light, commemorate each person lost to the event; names are engraved.

One single tree survived the bombing, it now anchors a lookout across the rest of the memorial.

I found it a moving memorial, however pictures say more.

Mem-21-LRES Mem-33-LRES
Mem-32-LRES Mem-14-LRES
Mem-1-LRES Mem-39-LRES
Mem-40-LRES Mem-45-LRES
Mem-3-LRES Mem-15-LRES



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