Barley Swine

Barley Swine, Bryce Gilmore’s experiment in adventurous culinary creations has been on fire since it opened. The  $85, 12-course tasting menu is the only thing on the menu, that is, until later this year when they leave their South Lamar digs for a spot north of UT Austin. Rumour has it they will offer small plates independently of the tasting menu in the new spot.

BSwine-1 BSwine-15

To avoid a 10-page post I’ll just say that if you are in Austin and you are a confirmed foodie known to brave odd-sounding combinations of ingredients – this place is for you. The menu changes often, below is what I and long-time friend, The Hobbyist, tried. Everything was incredible in taste and presentation. The young and heavily tattooed staff were wizards with polished service. Each course was about 1-3 bites and at the end of the 12 courses you will be pleasantly full. You might have a little more room to stop at neighbouring Lick for ice creams made with the oddest ingredients.

Definitely make a reservation, its small and very popular.

BSwine-3 BSwine-4
BSwine-5 BSwine-6
  • Tomato, buttermilk snow, smoked trout roe
  • Gulf shrimp, fried head, mango soup, jasmine panna cotta, buckwheat groats
  • Cured squash, goat feta, cast iron seeds, basil oil
  • Shishito, fermented mushroom glaze
BSwine-10 BSwine-9
BSwine-8 BSwine-7
  • Pork bun, bourbon, peach
  • Morel, avocado, strawberry
  • Gulf fish, hoja santa, corn, fried egg foam
  • Eggplant, squid, grapefruit
BSwine-11 BSwine-12
BSwine-13 BSwine-14
  • Waygu tongue, pintos, tomato, homemade Funyuns
  • Roasted duck breast, confit, plum, potato
  • Aerated vinegar pie, chewy fruit, streusel
  • Peach ice cream sandwich
  • Cannoli, mango, keffir lime, spiced chocolate
  • Coffee and hay semifreddo, toasted peanut, puffed rice, salted caramel, dark chocolate candy bar

Dinner: July 2015

Barley Swine | 2024 S. Lamar | Austin, TX 78704

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