Lone Gunmen

lonegunIf you were an X-Files fan then you already know there is a new season of the classic sci-fi series coming in January 2016. You also likely know there were two intersecting series back in the 90’s: Millennium and this spin off, The Lone Gunmen.

I watched the first season of Millennium and enjoyed but haven’t made time to watch the rest. The Lone Gunmen I didn’t know about until last year. When I happened across a copy for $1, I snagged it. I’m only two episodes in, so I can’t really formulate an opinion but I did learn a very creepy fact.

The Lone Gunmen were always involved in the government conspiracy thread of the X-Files, which producer, Chris Carter, continued in the spin off. The first episode’s story arc involved  a conspiracy of crashing  planes into the World Trade Center.

Sound familiar?

Now the weird part. I had to check the air date because initially I thought the story arc was just in bad taste or trying to capitalize on an epic tragedy. The episode aired in March of 2001; as you know already that story arc would materialize in real life 6 months later. Of course its just a sad coincidence. However, I’m curious if that coincidence had anything to do with the series being cancelled after September 2001.

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