Moon Cheese

I warned you there would be more posts about hiking and now they’ve arrived.

I’m super familiar with the phenomenon of crappy food tasting good after 8 hours of hiking; even the most disgusting of dehydrated backpacker meal pouches will be devoured. However, the real test for backpacker meals is if you like them outside of hiking.

These I picked up randomly on an REI run for other backpacking gear; partially because I love cheese. And then there was the name, Moon Cheese.

MoonCheese-1 MoonCheese-2

Three flavours: Cheddar, Gouda and Pepper Jack. I snatched the Gouda and took it on a hike across Bandelier, New Mexico (we’ll get to that later). Before getting too far into the 22 mile return trek I popped open the Moon Cheese. They are basically a substantial and crunchy version of Gouda; the flavour is true if not a little more intense. This is probably what happens when you dehydrate cheese.

The resealable pouch contains 5 servings according to the nutritional info on the back. Ok, whatever. I ate them all in one sitting. 70 calories per serving, 350 calories, about the same as the vending-machine Doritos I ate the previous day, only with zero carbs.

Definitely a keeper in the backpacking food category. Hopefully I can sneak a few of these into New Zealand without the Border Agriculture Nazis confiscating them like they did my almonds.


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