As promised here is the relatively straight forward process for turning butter into ghee. If you’re wondering why would anyone do this? Just try it once and I think you’ll answer your own question. It is a richer more nutty version of butter. And without the milk solids, in case that is a problem for you.

First, get some butter. While on Paleo, which advocates only using butter from ‘grass-fed’ cows, I found this Irish butter, Kerry Gold, at my normal grocery. I liked the flavour of this butter even before turning it into ghee.

Ghee1 Ghee2

Place the butter in a medium saucepan over low heat. Let the butter melt completely, don’ stir. Now just observe. First the butter will start to bubble up a little. A few minutes later you’ll notice the top will start to look foamy with some pockets where you can see the oil. A few minutes later it will be all foam.

Ghee3 Ghee4
Ghee-5 Ghee6

Now watch for the foam to start turning brown. Whats turning brown are the milks solids. Looks unappealing but no worries, you’ll be tossing all that into the bin shortly. When it does start browning  it will start around the edges of the saucepan. Some of the brown bits will break off and go the bottom of the pan. Here’s where you can control the flavour a little. If want a lightly nutty flavour, remove the saucepan from the heat source early, when it just starts browning. If you want a deeply nutty flavour, let it ride for a minute or two more, like I did below. Just don’t burn it.

Ghee7 Ghee8
Ghee9 Ghee10

Remove from heat and cool to room temperature. Some people will use cheesecloth for straining out the brown bits but I use a flour sack cloth; easier to wash up. In any case, strain out the brown bits, placing the oil in a sealable glass container. Pop it in the fridge. The colour will lighten up a bit after resting in the cool.

I’ve kept ghee for months in the fridge but since it so incredible you’ll probably not keep it around for that long.

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