Oz | Bondi Beach

It was our last day in Sydney and one of my travel mates was keen to see Bondi Beach before we left for New Zealand. Perhaps I was just good at advertising my previous visits to Bondi but not even the overcast, windy day dampened her enthusiasm, so off we went. The weather improved a little and I did get some reasonable photos.

Swin, surf, snorkel, bake, stand-n-model or walk the miles of coastal path connecting beach after beach sporting impossible views – you can take your pick at Bondi. I definitely recommend the 10-mile return walk from Bondi to South Coogee, its easy and quite stunning; definitely keep an eye out for the street art. Afterwards you’ll be surprised that in days gone by this area was a working class suburb where immigrants first set foot on Australian soil. No wonder they stayed, who wouldn’t?

Next up, New Zealand!

B-Bondi-DSCN0840-LOW B-Bondi-DSCN0847-LOW
B-Bondi-DSCN0836_Fotor B-Bondi-DSCN0880-LOW
B-Bondi-1-LOW B-Bondi-16-LOW
B-Bondi-20-LOW B-Bondi-DSCN0833-LOW
B-Bondi-22-LOW B-Bondi-29-LOW

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