NZ | Ferry to Picton

You can take a flight from the North to the South island of New Zealand. That might be a bit quicker but you will miss the experience of traveling by ferry; the rear-view of Wellington and the approaching views of Picton, the arrival point in South Island, are noteworthy. InterIslander’s “Aratere”, the ferry we took across, was extremely comfortable and well-stocked. We appreciated that our new-found obsession with ciders was supported on board.

B-DSCN1517-LOW B-Ferry-19-LOW
B-Ferry-5-LOW B-Ferry-11-LOW

Upper | Aratere Ferry
Lower | Wellington, rear-view

B-DSCN1516-LOW B-Ferry-8-LOW
B-DSCN1503-LOW B-Ferry-14-LOW

Above | North to South Island Views, and the world’s best Apple Cider

B-Ferry-40-LOW B-DSCN1519-LOW

Above | Arriving in Picton

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