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Gin Research – Earl Grey Infusion

The Institute for Gin Research has been tirelessly conducting experiments to improve the quality of life for our gin-consuming community. Our current set of experiments rely on a new infusion therapy – Earl Grey Gin.

To reproduce Earl Grey Gin, simply add 5 Earl Grey Tea bags and 2 C Gin to a sterilized glass container with an air-tight lid. If the tea bags have any metal on them, like a staple, remove those first. Let the tea/gin mixture infuse undisturbed in a dark, cool area for 5-7 days.

With Sweet Vermouth
A couple drops of sweet vermouth, 2 ounces of Earl Grey Gin. Shake and Strain. Holy mother of all things holy and motherly. The Earl Grey Gin is just too strong in its Ginness and its Earl Greyness.

With Agave
So, I was trying to play on the strong tea flavor to make it taste more like a cup of Earl Grey. Replace the sweet vermouth with 1t of Agave. This version is better but the astringency from both the gin and the tea is still too strong.

With Muddled Cucumber and AgaveIMG_1336
In an attempt to mellow out the strong flavors I tried muddling 3 cucumber slices adding that to 2 ounces of the Earl Grey Gin, letting it sit for an hour then shaking it up with 1t of Agave over ice. This is good, really good. The only problem is that shaking causes a little foamy atop. Also I was not very happy with the cucumber garnish, too choppy  – shoulda left the peel on.

With Muddled Cucumber, Bitterman’s Grapefruit Bitters and Agave

Ah, ha! This is the best combination. I went on a virgin tour of our new-ish Trader Joe’s in search of, well, everything but I did need more cucumber. Trader’s only had English cucumber and I think this was a bit of accidental genius. English cucumbers are a bit sweeter so this evened out the astringency in the Earl Grey Gin even more. Also the English does not need to be peeled, so a visual plus.

Meanwhile,  my evil doppelganger mentioned BItterman’s Hopped Grapefruit Bitters in a comment and I thought – Ooh, it will go good with gin, Earl Grey Gin. It did.

The final recipe is  – blend together 3 slices of muddled English cucumber and 2 ounces of Earl Grey Gin, let sit for about an hour. Strain gin into a cocktail shaker, add 1/2 t agave and one drop of Bitterman’s Hopped Up Grapefruit bitters and a couple cubes of ice. STIR, do not shake, until cold. Pour gently into a martini glass. Stirring, rather than shaking eliminates the foam.

IMG_1337 IMG_1338