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Oakley Wines

I give Sister a hard time about living in Cincinnati but the reality is that Cincinnati is a full-service city and she can do just about anything I can do in Houston, just on a smaller scale. Now that paved roads, electricity and running water are available almost everywhere in Cincinnati, it makes it easier to have specialty wine shops, such as Oakley Wines.


First impression – I loved it. You simply have to love a place that offers drinking lessons for free!

There was a wine tasting in progress and it was packed with happy samplers when we stopped by after lunch. Oakley Wines is very small which  made it a little challenging to navigate with the large crowd but everyone in the store simply moved aside unprompted as we browsed from shelf to shelf. Nice people those mid-westerners.

Despite its small size, it packs an impressive variety into its shelves. We were on the hunt for Rose and poof, there were many interesting options aside from requisite French variety. We picked a French – Bieler Pere et Fils and an Italian – Riecine, both around $15. The Italian was good:  very dry, floral and herbal which is typically the French style. The French was also good: more residual sugar, very fruity leaning heavy to the strawberry/cranberry.

IMG_1118 IMG_1117

Next time I’m in the Cincinnati area visiting Sister, I’ll be sure to request a return visit to Oakley Wines, I sincerely doubt there will be any objection.

Oakley Wines | 4011 Allston St   | Cincinnati, OH 45209