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More friends leaving Houston for San Francisco. I’m wondering just how many people can fit into the city by the Bay. While the departing will have infinitely better Italian choices at their destination, we decided to give a local, casual Italian venue, Giacomo, a try for their farewell. Mostly, we were happy with the experience.

Giacomo3 Giacomo1

Its a small space on the fringe of the massive, over-hyped and overpriced mixed-use complex anchoring Westheimer and Kirby. Warm tones, reasonable noise levels and a upbeat, casually sophisticated, non-scene feeling.

Giacomo4 Giacomo6
Giacomo7 Giacomo

Eggplant Rolls : These were good but as always, a misnomer. The eggplant is simply a container for the ricotta and mozzarella filling and a willing surface for the tomato-cream sauce and fresh basil chiiffonade.  Heavy, yes, but delicious; its hard to go wrong with a tomato-cream sauce.

Roast Pork Bruschetta: Toothy morsels of savory roast pork, chewy smoked mozzarella, all sitting atop a olive-oil broil up of bread rounds with a dash of roasted fennel. Easily a meal in itself, it appealed for its combination of textures and its range of flavours.

Orecchiette Giorgione: Good but not good enough for me to try again. I liked the freshly made orecchiette, however the spicy lamb meatballs were not very spicy and slightly over cooked. The rapini was undercooked and landed in the bowl as a single tangled up blob. A goat cheese round placed top dead centre was good and I liked that I could mix as much as I wanted in each bite.

Roasted Brussell Sprouts : Very good and I will reproduce the olive oil, garlic and pancetta combination at home. These could have been roasted a bit more, I think the inherent sweetness of the sprouts when roasted would have better complimented the salty pancetta.

Giacomo2Montemercurio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano :  I asked server to bring me her personal favourite bottle of red and this Sangiovese arrived. Bright bing cherry, ripe black plum mixed with a distinct and pleasant grassy undertone, Sahara-dry with a long finish. It paired perfectly with each of the appetizers and the main, peacefully co-existing and at times taming down the richness.

Excellent. Apps came out in 15 minutes, wine glasses were never empty, we were given enough time to schmooze, sip and nibble before the mains arrived.

Middle of the road. 2 apps, 1 side, 3 mains and one bottle of Sangiovese – $150

Dinner: April 2014

Giacomo| 3215 Westheimer | HTX 77098