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Crios Torrontés 2011

IMG_2045It didn’t take a trip to Buenos Aires to become interested in the Torrontés variety, there are reasonable offerings domestically and even a few noteworthy tries from Texas vineyards. However, I definitely leveraged being in Argentina to ask questions and find little-exported renditions of the native white grape known for its aromatic qualities and ‘mouthful of floral’ flavours.

Now that summer is upon Houston, my bent toward red wines is balancing out with an occasional white. This Torrontés caught my eye after a long walk in the steamy afternoon which by coincidence (or not) landed me directly in front of our Home Depot sized wine store.

On the pour the Crios is very pale yellow, almost beige, which is typical across Torrontés I’ve tried. Initial scents of honeysuckle and freshly squeezed lemonade, however after the wine came closer to room temperature I picked up a little fleshy apricot and nectarine. On the first taste I was surprised by a slightly effervescence however there were no tell-tale visual signals. Moving on, I noticed distinct honey and pineapple dominance which did not subside over time. However as the wine warmed up a bit, the honey and pineapple loosen up their death grip to let in mango with plus one Meyer lemon. When the wine makes its way down you are left with an echo of tropical fruit and an fading shale quality, which only prepares you for the next sip.

Torrontés always presents as sweet to me initially, however I think this is a mind over tongue trick since there are so many tropical fruit flavours that register initially. The residual sugar is not very high, nor is the acidity, which makes for a pleasant solo-sip, particularly when the temps start to rise.

I might focus a bit more on Torrontés this summer, it noticed more and more imports available, almost rivaling the whites from Australia and New Zealand. I’m starting to wonder if Torrontés is the new Sauvignon Blanc.

Crios Torrontés 2011 | Specs, Downtown HTX | $11.95