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Oz | Sydney, Harry’s

Its fast food in Sydney terms but who cares. You’ll find remnants of England in Australia, however modified to become Australian,¬† one of the more delicious artifacts is the pie. I asked several natives which pie shoppe was the best and they all pointed to Harry’s. The more formal name for this informal eatery is Harry’s Cafe de Wheels. Outposts all over the city but the Wooloomooloo location is ideal if you are investigating the Gallery NSW, Royal Botanic Gardens or Opera House.

A flaky, buttery casing to hold whichever fillings and toppings you choose. I definitely recommend The Tiger – steak cubes topped with potato mash then pea mash then a rich brown gravy. Fair warning, the steak is quite peppery, so you might want to dig to the bottom and taste test before slathering on additional spices.

B-Syd-Harrys-47-LOW B-Syd-Harrys-52-LOW

Lunch: November 2015

Harry’s | Cowper Wharf | Wooloomooloo NSW 2011