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The Waffle Bus

Food trucks seem to be the new black of trendy cuisine in just about every city I’ve visited recently. Here in Houston there is a food truck festival, where if you are a really hungry average person or just a mildly peckish Texas bubba, you can try 20 or so food trucks in one afternoon. I find food trucks parked at museum and gallery openings; they even show up in swanky neighborhoods as catering service to oil executive’s house parties.

Its completely out of control and I love it.

A dish popped onto my radar last week in conversation with a friend about The Waffle Bus. A dish so Southern it almost begs to be spoken aloud with a exaggerated drawl – Fried Chicken &  Waffles. Go ahead and practice holding the “i” in Fried Chicken until you run out of breath, then you will have the pronunciation down pat.

If everyone would please pull your seats forward, place your tray tables in their upright and locked positions,  prepare the crash cart and call in your Lipitor prescriptions, we will now make our final descent into completely ignoring FDA guidelines for daily intake of saturated fat.

IMG_1182 IMG_1183


Its a food truck so just make your own atmosphere. Today they were parked at Inversion Coffee in the Montrose. At Inversion there is plenty of outdoor seating set back from the main drag and since its in the heart of Montrose, there will always be a good crowd for people watching.


Fantastic. I had the Chicken & Waffle Fryders which is exactly what is sounds like – sliders made IMG_1184from fried chicken and mini waffles. They asked which sauce I wanted and I asked for all of them. The chicken is pounded thin before frying but it was incredibly juicy. And spicy, very spicy, so be careful not to dip into the spicy mayo without testing your heat tolerance first. Of all the sauces (Spicy Mayo, Ancho Honey, Buffalo Ranch and something else I forgot to write down but it tasted like Tobasco), my favourite was the Buffalo Ranch; still flavorful but it worked to balance the heat in the chicken. The waffles are dense; crispy on the out, fluffy on the in. I’m definitely coming back to Waffle Bus again, next time for the Salmon, Cream Cheese and Caper Waffle.


10-15 minute wait for me although I have heard when they park at Rice University it can be upwards of 45 minutes. Happy and efficient staff.


Everything is less than $10; my sliders, which quite frankly were enough on own were $6. I think they prefer cash but there is a iPad on board for credit purchases.

Sure, it doesn’t rank high on the health meter but I had a vegetarian lunch yesterday so the FDA limits on saturated fat can just bugger off today.

Lunch: 30 June 2013

Waffle Bus @ Inversion Coffee | 1953 Montrose Blvd | Houston, TX 77006