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Niko Niko

IMG_1648Greek restaurants in Houston are few and while Niko Niko is not Greek in its entirety (Buffalo Chicken wrap is not Greek to my knowledge), it comes  close. I’ve been to Niko many times and found myself there twice last week; once in the original Montrose location and another time at their newer kiosk downtown at Market Square.

The atmosphere at the Montrose location is cramped, chaotic and lively. Its preferable to sit outside on the patio if the weather is nice; barriers prevent the con-men indigenous to the Montrose from interfering with your meal. The atmosphere at Market Square is different since its in the middle of a park and there is only outdoor seating. Its a beautiful, relaxing location but you will need skills in deflecting the homeless since invariably they will interrupt.

The food at Niko is good to stellar, depending on which of the many of items from their large menu you order. Largely the menu is plates (meat,falafel, rice, potatoes) and pita wraps (Gyros). The Gyro is consistently excellent; moist, thinly shaved beef and lamb wrapped in one of the best, freshly made pitas in town. A little tomato, a little onion, a little tzatziki sauce – its lunch.

IMG_1647 IMG_1649

If you have not tried a Greek Frappe, I recommend. Its loosely water and Nescafe whipped into a frothy concoction; you can request milk and sugar additions. I like this version of coffee not only for the taste, which has distinctly herbal and mineral overtones, but also for its velvety, foamy texture.

Its counter service at both locations; at Montrose a 15-20 minute wait for orders is obligatory, often longer at the lunch rush. At Market Square orders are usually up in 10. In both locations your will be given a buzzer to notify you when orders are up. The staff is all smiles and ‘y’all come back now, ya hear!’

Prices vary depending on whether you go the plate route ($10-20) or pita wrap (generally under $10). Apps and soups are generally under $10.

Niko Niko (Montrose)| 2520 Montrose | HTX 77006

Niko Niko (Downtown)| 301 Milam | HTX 77002